• Small Steps can lead to greater Health and Fitness

    Before we can turn our bodies into the temples that will turn others green with envy, there is a long, long way to go. Everyday online health and fitness magazines report success stories how someone has lost weight and gained muscle instead. So how do these lucky few do it? With determination and a lot of small steps!

    According to British health and fitness guru Paul McKenna, just walking for 15 minutes a day, or taking 2,000 additional steps, will result in speeding up our metabolism. That makes it possible to overcome a weight loss plateau and continue losing weight. At the same time overall fitness is improved so far .

    Achieving muscle and fitness goals is step number two, and here the most important element is that goals must be realistic. There is no point signing up to a fitness regime with a personal trainer who demands shoulder/ab/back/leg/chest and arm workouts, when we continue to binge because we are still addicting to food or when our general health and fitness levels are still far too low: http://betterlivingfitness.com/gym-in-ann-arbor/

    Achieving the fabulous Physique you have always dreamed of

    This will require a different mind-set. Whether you plan to gain a lot of muscle or just general fitness, the principle is the same. Healthy nutrition and exercising go hand in hand. There is no point doing a daily workouts at a gym, when our diet contains the wrong food stuffs that will just continue sending the scales into overdrive and achieve merely flab, not muscle and fitness.

    There are many great resources that can help you attain health and fitness goals so far if noted well. Why not visit Better Living Fitness’s advice on bodybuilding, nutrition and health and fitness today!